The Arabs were a people whose culture was stretched and shaped by many different cultures and traditions. They were influenced mostly by Islam, which became their religion in A.D. 613. Because of Islam, many events took place that led up to the world we know today. Before Islam was introduced, the people had no political peace because they had no direct source of reference for moral behavior. Persian culture also influenced them. Helped by Islam, the Arab’s intense culture dramatically, shatteringly, and completely changed with the influences of many traditions. 

 What is Islam? Islam is an interesting, intense, intriguing religion that was started by a “prophet” named Mohammed. It means “submission”- that is, to Allah. Recognizing such prophets as Jesus and Moses, the religion still strongly claims that Mohammed is the final prophet receiving the law from Allah. Islam also emphasizes the unity of Allah. Interestingly, it acknowledges that there is a Day of Judgment coming, but does not concur with the Christian idea of a Trinity because the religion, as different from Christianity as night is from day, refutes the idea of Jesus being a representation of God. Islam is an interesting religion that was influential on the Arab people.

 Islam influenced the people’s literature and their culture. Around A.D. 650 the Arabs began their conquests of the “infidels”, which would lead through North Africa, Spain, and eventually France. They also ransacked Constantinople. Achieving political unity through Islam taught by Mohammed brought peace to the people. The Koran, the Muslim’s Bible, was written and declared the Arabic law. Because of the dictate to spread Islam, their conquests led them to the Persian Empire where the Persians dramatically influenced their culture. Eventually, their language was so intertwined it formed the modern Persian language. Their traditions were also mixed. Islam was a tremendous influence on the great, powerful people who adopted it as their religion. Generosity and hospitality were stressed as were the legal, ethical, religious, and family duties. The faithful believer was also encouraged to devote himself to Islam, as it would prove his loyalty. Islam definitely impacted, changed, and molded their culture and literature.

 Islam was a major influence on the Arab people. Throughout the course of their history, Islam changed the way they lived as well as the way they thought about important issues. It also changed their literature and led to the dawn of a new culture.