Quack pecks at the hose to get a drink of water. Hurry! Hurry! He must work fast to get some water. In the past, whenever Quack tried to get a drink, the ferocious cat, which seems to be as huge as a lion, leaped out and chased, frightened, and snarled at him. There is also the problem of Farmer Watson. He lives in the house to which the hose is connected. When he found the hole Quack had made, he sealed it so the water could not leak out anymore. He would lose too much water! Quack always has to make a new one. Hastily, Quack pecks at the hole.

Suddenly, quickly, and surprisingly, water starts spurting out, which is wonderful to Quack. At last! Now Quack can get his drink of water. He quickly looks around. There is no cat in sight. Out of pure joy, he starts cheeping loudly because he is able to get a drink without having to be concerned with whether he will be eaten. He bends his head down to get a refreshing drink from the bubbly, cool, comforting water. The water keeps spurting out.

Amazingly quick, Quack suddenly speeds away from the hose. Hearing Quack’s loud cheeping, the cat knows Quack is pecking at the hose again since that was what he was doing last time. Quack runs as fast as his little legs will go back to his home, exhausted from his frustrating, disappointing, and maddening fright. That was a close call! The cat had won again. Would he ever get a drink of water from the hose? Quack’s troublesome turmoil has certainly gotten him into a fix.