Once there was a spider who lived in a dark forest. Daily the spider would wait for an insect to fly into her beautifully made web because she had to have food. Living a few miles away was a wasp. The wasp lived in a hive inside an old oak tree in the same dark forest. Because he was hungry, he would fly all around the damp, dark, dangerous forest searching for food.

One day as the wasp was flying looking for something to eat he hit a large leaf and fell right into the spider’s web, which was very frightening! Struggling desperately he tried to get away but the spider held him fast because her web was secure. As the spider was just about to eat him the wasp said, “ Don’t eat me please! If you let me go, I will repay you one day for your kindness.” The spider wondered, “How could this wasp repay me for letting him go?” but she unbound him and let him fly home anyway.

A few days later the spider was walking on a long branch when suddenly a bird swooped down, snatched her up and carried her off since a spider would be a delicious meal for her babies. Hearing the spider’s cries for help, the wasp flew as fast as he could to where she was, which was not far. Fortunately he saw the bird and immediately flew up and stung the bird with his stinger. Since the bird let go when the wasp stung it, the spider fell to a branch unhurt. The wasp turned to the spider and gratefully said, “ You see, even a small insect can repay kindness”.