Once upon a time there were two ants. These two ants, Joe and Cleveland, were the best of friends. For five years, these ants had known each other. Working together every day, they stacked food for the colony.

One extremely scorching day, Joe and Cleveland decided to work next to the well, so they could quench their thirst whenever they wanted. But as they were stacking food, one piece of fruit became dislodged and fell down the well. Immediately, when the foreman found out that a piece of fruit was missing, he assumed that the snide, surreptitious stackers had stolen it for themselves. When the colony police came to arrest Joe and Cleveland, Cleveland hid like the chicken he was and watched in silence as Joe was cuffed and taken away. Even Joe’s cry of, “HELP! HELP!” were met with taciturnity from his previous ally.

Because Cleveland did not testify for his friend in court, the officers did not believe Joe and had him sentenced to be thrown down the well. From then on, whenever Cleveland walked by the well, he remembered what a true friend would have done. And there was born the phrase, WWJHD- “What would Joe have done?”