God’s Donkey is a autobiography written by Peter Newman. This book was first published in 1985 by Kingsway Publications and then in 1993 it was reprinted by Lakeland Press. Containing ninety-six pages, God’s Donkey is a delightful read about God’s workings in the life of Peter Newman.

This book is the autobiography of Peter Newman, an English evangelist. Vividly relating the stories of his childhood, not-so-fortunate youth, later conversion, and following of God's directing, he tells the lessons he learned.

Peter Newman, a thief and drunkard turned evangelist, was born into a middle-class family in England. As he grew up, Peter and his sisters spent a large portion of their time at his grandparents home since their mother had left Mr. Newman when the children were young. His Grandpa, the town drunk wandered into a church one evening and was saved. After he gave his heart to the Lord, he started to change his ways, which in turn affected young Peter. But, even the exposure to such a staunch believer did not impress the boy. When Peter's father remarried, the children moved back home. Their new "mother" was far from loving, and one by one the children ran away until only Peter was left. When he did escape, he became a thief. Living on the run, Peter Newman became a skilled burglar at a young age. But, when encounters with the law forced him to lie low, he returned to London where he became much like his grandfather, a slave to cigarettes and alcohol.

After hitch-hiking to Manchester, Peter Newman began staying in a Salvation Army hostel. It was there that he was saved and God began to turn his life around. He sobered, stopped smoking and started working at the hostel. It wasn't long before Peter Newman felt God telling him to move on. He was call to evangelism. So with this new direction, Peter Newman found himself traveling through England preaching and ministering wherever he was led. In the years following he was married and together with wife and children, he started a tent meeting tour. But again, God began calling him on to a greater mission. Peter Newman traveled around the world, meeting more individual needs than those of groups. And throughout, God led him and made sure Peter got where he needed to go as long as he was willing. This book teaches believers to rely on God to meet their every need, no matter how great or small.

God's Donkey is a supremely enjoyable book. It tells the fascinating story of Peter Newman's life in a down-to-earth way using common British vernacular. I recommend this book to those who would want to read the encouraging story of a fellow believer’s testimony.