Politics is the study of the governing of cities, states, nations, and other social entities. From a Christian perspective, the study of politics leads us to believe that human governments are instituted by God to provide and promote justice by protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty. Because our governments are ordained by God, we are required to obey Him above all else. The knowledge that man is a fallen being who will abuse power if given the chance greatly influenced the establishment of our civil government, and has two proofs of validity. First, history has shown it with out fail. Second, the Biblical view of human nature also supports this belief. Another foundational point in our civil government was the fact that we are made in the image of God. Christians sometimes feel apprehensive toward entering the political arena. But, as Christians we are called to shine God’s light in the world, which includes the political sphere. We can be involved in politics by exercising our right to vote, running for office, or by holding a non-elected office.