The giant cuttlefish is a captivating creature of the ocean floor. Possessing ten sucker-lined arms extending from it’s head, the cuttlefish is similar to its mollusk cousins, the octopus and squid. The main part of its body is an ovoid structure with a skirt-like fin. This sea creature has two primary forms of defense: an ink cloud, and the ability to change colors. In a cuttlefish’s skin, is a layer of elastic pigment sacs; when given a signal from the brain, these sacs open up, turning the skin into a specific shade. Because of its ability to mix pigments to find proper tones and even patterns, the cuttlefish has not gone extinct. Without this complex defense mechanism, survival would have been impossible. The time it would have taken for this creature to evolve this defense tactic and “get it right” its predators would have annihilated the species. Even the resting place for the developing eggs is unique. Because the female cuttlefish does not guard her eggs when she lays her eggs, she places them deep in an underwater cave. This discourages predators from eating the eggs. If the female did not know to do this, all her eggs would have been eaten. Without the built in nature that God has given the cuttlefish, it is easy to see that survival would have been impossible.