Circles, circles, they are round.

Circles, circles, they abound.

Circles, circles, many sizes.

Circles, circles, with surprises.

Circles, circles, made by hand.

Circles, circles, in the band.

Circles, circles, from the compass.

Circles, circles, in our Math class.

Circles move, circles play.

Circles come most every day.

Circles help, circles run,

Bringing lots and lots of fun.

Draw your circles, make them fast,

Make them so they’re sure to last.

Make designs, make them signs,

Draw circles out of little lines.

Circles help us every day,

When we work and when we play.

On the road, they work as wheels.

And in the palace as kingly seals.

They work in factories everywhere,

They’re on the ground and in the air.

They work in almost every place,

They work in every human race.

They work at school and when we eat,

In the cold, and in the heat.