Long before major populations filled southeast Alaska, it was home to three tribes of Indians. The Tlingits, Haidas, and Tsimshians were all natives of this now famous area.

Juneau was founded in 1880 by a gold prospector name Joseph Juneau. George Pilz offered a reward to any local chief who could report a deposit of gold. Chief Kowee told him to look in Gold Creek, so Pilz sent two of his prospectors, Joe Juneau and Richard Harris, to investigate. They searched Gold Creek, but came back with only a few tiny nuggets of gold. Chief Kowee then directed them to Gastineau Channel, where they found a large amount of gold. Joe Juneau founded a mining camp there, and through the years, as the gold attracted settlers, it grew into a city. The settlement was first called Harrisburg, after Joe’s partner, but later the name was changed to Juneau.

Joe Juneau continued prospecting gold, and he went to the Klondike in 1897. In 1903, he died, and was returned to Juneau, where he was buried in Evergreen Cemetery. His partner and Chief Kowee graves are located in Evergreen Cemetery as well.

Juneau has a humid continental climate. It receives 58.33 inches of rain each year, and 93 inches of snow. It is located in southeast Alaska, whose coast is splashed by waves from the Pacific Ocean. Mount Juneau and Mendenhall Glacier are both popular attractions. Just below the glacier is Mendenhall Lake.

People in Juneau work in the lines of education, health, and social services. 38% of approximately 30,988 people work for the government.

A few famous people are from Juneau. Among them are Carlos Boozer, a basketball player, and Hilary Lindh, who got a silver medal in the 1992 winter Olympics for downhill skiing.

Juneau has several elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. It also harbors the University of Alaska Southeast, a college.

Juneau has many means of communication, including the only daily newspaper, the Juneau Empire and numerous television affiliates with all the major networks.

If I ever visited Juneau, I would like to shop, see the capitol building, the Tongass National forest, and the Mendenhall Glacier. I would also enjoy taking water, land, and air tours of our state’s capital.