The ghostly wind wailed. Josef Matt glanced at his wounded client, who had broken his leg in the avalanche. Without a second thought, Josef removed his own red coat, then his shirt. He laid them over his shivering client. Though Josef Matt tried his best to save another’s life, they both froze to death on the mountain that night. Rudi, Josef Matt’s son, believed that his father’s red shirt symbolized his dream to climb the Citadel and also the sacrifice of his father’s life for another man. That made me think - what legacy would I leave behind? What would my dream mean to those who come behind me?

I play the guitar. I would like my legacy to surround my guitar. Practicing and sacrificing time is needed in order to play well. Miss Jane, Rosita, and my mom have all positively and patiently pitched in helping me learn chords so I can play songs. The brand of the guitar I play, which is my mother’s guitar, is Emperador; I hope to buy my own soon. Frankly, I enjoy playing this wonderful instrument because I can encourage others to play by providing an example of worshipping sincerely. 

What does the guitar mean to me? First of all, it means sacrifice and worship to God. I love God, and want to worship Him and make Him real to myself and others. My guitar represents my dream to play in church and to wholly worship God with my music. I must choose to sacrifice time to dedicate to practice so I can become a better player. Without sacrifice, I could never worship with my guitar. Sometimes when I play, tears run down my cheeks as I realize how much God means to me. Guitar is significant in my life because it means praise; I hope it will impact others as well.

What will my guitar legacy mean to others? I hope it means sacrifice. I hope it means worship. I hope it means commitment. I hope it means complete devotion and dedication to God. I want to be remembered as a Christian who fully committed her life to God. This is my legacy.

Practicing the guitar will make me a better player, but only if I am diligent to commit time to play well. I enjoy playing my guitar as a way to express praise to God. I hope when others see my guitar, it will remind them to devote themselves to worshipping God. Most importantly, I want my legacy to encourage others to give their lives to God as an expression of worship because that is what will pass on my legacy and make my dream, like a candle in the darkness, burn on.