I remember when I first started playing the trumpet. I was about five or six years old. I had always dreamt about playing the trumpet. When I was old enough, dad bought me a real trumpet of my very own. I started practicing with Ms. Schmitz and now I am very good at playing the trumpet. My trumpet means a lot to me. My dream, and what I hope it will mean to those who follow me are also very important. I hope my legacy will live on in my children. I love playing my trumpet.

I enjoy playing my Holton trumpet. It represents my choice to practice rather than to play outside. If I sacrifice by practicing continually, I know that I will get the great reward in the end: being able to play in church on Sundays. Practicing my trumpet is enjoyable.

My trumpet represents my dream. To me it means my calling to music. It represents all the sacrifices I have made to learn to play music. The trumpet I play is showing my dream and legacy: my call to worship.

I hope it means to those who follow me the same calling to worship God that I have. I sincerely hope that my trumpet will become an artifact, played and handed down from generation to generation. My hope is that my trumpet will become an antique; a memory of my calling to music. The call to play music and to worship will live on.

My trumpet means so much to me. My dream as well as what it will mean to those following me are vital qualities to have in ensuring that my legacy survives. I believe that my dream is the most important of the three. It is important because it is the way I worship God. My dream will live on forever.