Mrs. Anne was excited! Some ladies were coming over to a club meeting that afternoon. She decided to make cookies. Immediately she went to the pantry to fetch the ingredients. When she began mixing she found that she was out of eggs. After she hopped in the car and started it up she drove to the store to buy more eggs.

Her four-year-old son, Joey, who had been watching all the while, came around and decided to copy his mom. Swiftly he went to the pantry and grabbed an armful of colorful cans, boxes, and bottles and went back to the counter. He added some Tabasco sauce, cheerios, Crisco, bouillon cubes, and potato chips, then went to the refrigerator and came back to add cheese, tomatoes, carrots, and coca-cola. He had a pleased expression on his face for the mix was now fizzing steadily. After it had calmed slightly, he stuck it in the oven and removed it after five seconds. Once he had jammed several toothpicks in he coated it with a mess of sprinkles and walked away feeling very satisfied that he could do whatever his mommy could do.

When Mrs. Anne returned, she was terrified at the sight of the massive concoction of chunky materials smeared all over the counter. Her cookies were ruined! Immediately, Mrs. Anne sent Joey upstairs to his room. The ladies were arriving one by one. All of them were not there yet, so they sat and quietly chatted. Mrs. Anne told them the whole story and just as she finished, another lady came in holding a tray of cookies! Mrs. Anne invited Joey back down and they had milk and cookies together.