If I showed you a picture of a flower and asked you what it was, you would not say, “Oh, it is a piece of paper.” You would most likely state that it is a picture of a flower. The paper is not as important as what is drawn on it. If I showed you a bowl of jell-o, you would say “Oh, yum, some jell-o!” not “Oh, a bowl.” The bowl is not as important as the jell-o.

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” The lamppost in Narnia is a type and shadow of Jesus. He is the light of the lamp and we are like the glass panes. We are to let Jesus shine through us and not be dark and singed panes, fearful to let others see that Jesus is in us. We are like the bowl or the paper and Jesus is like the jell-o or the flower. Others should definitely not focus on the outward appearance, but rather the inside. Without Jesus, we are like an empty and hopeless bowl or an unpainted and forgotten piece of paper. When we accept Jesus, it is like having a picture painted on our canvas or a scoop of jell-o being put in our bowl.

In Narnia, Lucy saw the light of the lamppost and curiously followed it. As the panes in the lamppost, Christians are to let Jesus shine through them to bring others to Him. Those who accept Jesus can let Him shine through them at work, at school, at play, and at home. When this is done, others should see Jesus in those who let Him shine through and not be distracted by their shortcomings. As a Christian, I should let Jesus, the light of the lamp, shine through me.